About Us

It all started back in 1990 as a hobby: family vacations in an old tour bus that had been converted into a motorhome. The Haines family used the old green bus with too many miles to count to travel to Florida and other places around the country for family vacations. Occasionally, friends of the family would ride along on these various adventures. One day, one of them said that if we set up trips to visit certain places, they would gladly pay to travel there and knew other people who would as well.
The Haines family had operated a dairy farm for over 90 years, but the thought of a tour bus company intrigued them and eventually became a very exciting opportunity. With that, Haines Tours was born. Every member of the family became involved in the business and over the years has developed strong relationships with many of the passengers. Over the years, Haines Tours has taken trips to places such as Branson, New York City, Virginia Beach, Mall of America, Dollywood as well as many day trips within Michigan including, but not limited to, various casinos.

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